Welcome to the blog of a new teen mom, college student and well-rounded housewife! I would like to give you insight into my beautifully chaotic life. I live on a small island, in an even smaller town, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea yet contrary to popular belief I dislike the beach. This past summer I graduated from high school with honors and moved here with my extended family, a second trimester baby bump and my amazing fiancĂ©. Upon the birth of my son, I decided to become a work-from-home mom and continue my education with a major in Psychology. My future husband wishes to help the community and save lives therefore is studying to be a registered nurse. The tiny yet precious addition to our family is my inspiration to  start blog. My passions in life are cooking, do-it-yourself projects, modeling and of course my growing family. As I blog and share the real life situations of a teen mom my goal is to be a source of support to other young mothers, be relatable to my readers and hopefully inspire other bloggers. Mommy Diary is a judgement free zone for everyone so feel free to comment, contact me/subscribe via email and follow me on social media.