3 weeks ago I gave birth to my precious baby boy GJ. This is the chronological story of how I brought my miracle into the world.

Anxiously waiting for my alarm to go off on the morning of September 26th I was up 30 minutes before it even rang. I was overdue by two days, my feet were swollen, i was peeing every hour and a half, and my back pain was out of control.  Within the hour we were on the road to my scheduled induction. At 11:30 that morning my doctor informed me I was still one centimeter dialated. I had not progressed in about 3 weeks and I was quite discouraged about having a natural birth. At 12:23 p.m. I was officially a patien in the labor and delivery unit. Little did I know what I was in for.

Once admitted, I was asked many personal questions about my health history and my pregnancy. Many of the questions were repetitive which became annoying.  I was attached to an IV to administer fluids and medications. After many questions, a few cervical exams, an indepth sonogram, and one very traumatic enema later, i was wheeled into my private room. I was promptly strapped to a fetal heart rate monitor and a contraction tracker. At 4 o’clock in the after noon, after yet another cervical exam without any progress, I was given a cervix softening medication to move along my labor. Now it was time to play the waiting game.

My contractions were just minutes apart and last about 30 seconds but I was still able to hold conversations and joke around with my fiancé and family. Around 9 o’clock at night I was getting really tired from the pain and asked for sedation. I wasn’t able to sleep but I was able to rest my eyes and breath through the pain a bit easier. Although the sedative didn’t last very long it was a definite relief. At this point I was 3 cm dialated and was given one last dose of cervix softener. With steady contractions and my baby engaged in my pelvis, my water broke at 1:45 a.m. It was definitely a weird sensation. A sudden gush of warm rather thick liquid between your legs. I was momentarily paralyzed with shock and I honestly couldn’t hole back a smile and a giggle. After my water broke I was monitored more closely.

The early morning passed without my cervix dialating or my contractions progressing. At 11 in the morning on September 27th I was given medication to actually induce my labor and cause stronger contractions. And the fun began! After the first increase in dosage I was no longer able to hold long conversations and laughing was very uncomfortable. I soent my time laying on my left side anticipation the next contraction, eating ice chips and make short yet frequent trips to the bathroom.

The hours passed and I failed to progress in labor. My little baby was head down and with every contraction his head was being compressed causing a decelera in his heart rate. My failure to progress was hurting my baby and causing my blood pressure to rise. By 11:45 p.m. I was on my way to the operating room. 

At exactly 12:03 my beautiful son was born! Weighing 7 lbs and 14.8 oz and measuring 20 inches I consider him to be the best God-sent gift in my life.


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